What Future?

The first question that should be asked when considering futurism, if not the future itself, is what kind of future is it we really wish to arrive at?  Is our picture of it fairly clear or is there a broad swath of views with some similarities?   If we aren’t all that sure of what kind of future we wish to arrive at then doesn’t that lessen the probability we will arrive at a “there” we find desirable?

Once we have satisfied ourselves that we have a view of the future that we want to come to pass, what is next?   

Is Our Ideal Future Actionable

Are there subgoals or aspects of our future that break down into things we can take effective action on?   Futures that are too far out, out there being all One Mind with, or as, the entire universe, give us no actionable parts.  They may feel us with awe or boredom but they aren’t terribly actionable.   

Do We Need to Change?

Are people today, Human 1.0 if you will, able to happily inhabit the future we envision?   Or will that very future itself, its very shape, require a reshaping of some of what we almost take for granted as part of ‘being human’.   Future happy visions with the component that people much change to inhabit or even reach them have a somewhat spotty history, especially in the 20th century.   And yet it is almost certainly true that we must change and perhaps drastically.  Why?  Because the complexification of the world is moving further away faster and faster from the milieu that Human 1.0 was designed to operate in.  


If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

Many of us certainly have spent at least a little time daydreaming this scenario.  What is it that you would do?   Would you perhaps slow down to ‘find yourself’ or at least come to terms with the odd situation that you literally can do anything you want?  At least anything legal?

Would you become a lotus eater or an entrepreneur or a beach bum or perhaps some mixture of all of these and more at different times.

If you would start new companies and other ventures of what type[s] might they be?